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Coalition of Truth in Independence
since 2002

2929 S Jefferson

Saint Louis, MO 63136

Phone: 314-643-6706


Contact(s): Adonis Reddick

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Political, Social, Personal Skills

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Mission/Vision Statement:
We value people's ability to advocate for and engage in making change in their community, and their right to prosper through this change with others in their community. Mission: Our mission is to build sustainable community groups that will break down barriers. Both people with disabilities along with other community advocates will work to make this happen. These groups will develop and sustain their own community actions, making change one neighborhood at a time. With this mission, guided by our values, we will help grow, support, and push forward all other organizations rooted in the Independent Living Philosophy! How We Do It: The groups bring about CONCRETE COMMUNITY CHANGE through tactics such as; letter writing, petitioning, rallies, and community education events all with the aim of building and using our collective power to promote individual independence.

This is a coalition made up of community organizations and activists from the St. Louis area and greater Missouri.

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