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Oklahoma People First, Inc.

1145 E. Main Street

Norman, OK 73071

Contact(s): Lance T. Davis

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Board of Directors:

Mission/Vision Statement:
The mission of Oklahoma People First is to: •Promote equality; •Assist each other in speaking for ourselves; •Educate our communities; •Hold meetings to educate ourselves; •Support self-advocacy in Oklahoma; and •Create public support for People First. Members of Oklahoma People First believe: •We create a better future for everyone when we exercise our rights. •People don't need to live in institutions, no matter what professionals say. •People should live as independently as possible. •People should let their voices be heard. •People have the right to know, to choose, and to do as they wish. •Transportation is something we should make available at all times. •All people need equal services. •People should be able to stand up for their rights without fear of being hurt or abused. •We need to stop abuse of persons with disabilities. •People should be able to obtain medical care when needed. •People should have equal opportunity to access their communities and all services. •We can do many things if just given the chance.

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