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Self-Advocacy Coalition of Kansas


2518 Ridge Ct, #236

Lawrence, KS 66046

Phone: 785-749-5588



Contact(s): Barb Bishop

Additional information:

Number of Active Members:
Statewide Coalition made up of over 20 member local self-advocate groups from all over Kansas.

Reason(s) the Group Meets:
Political, Social, Personal Skills

Board of Directors:

Receives Support From:
SACK is a line-item of the special projects budget of The Arc of Kansas

Mission/Vision Statement:
Twelve Steps To the Future of Self-Advocacy: A Vision of the Future by The Self-Advocate Coalition of Kansas 1. Individuals will have the opportunity to participate in independent self-advocate groups and to know their rights and responsibilities as citizens. 2. People with disabilities will have access to flexible, adequate and available services that create a seamless service system from birth to death. 3. Policy-makers, advocates and providers will be accountable first to the people they serve. Politics has no place in serving people with developmental disabilities. 4. Staff and others who support people with developmental disabilities will be qualified and well-trained. 5. Self-advocates and consumers will be involved in making decisions about how services are delivered and in making decisions about policies that impact people with developmental disabilities. 6. People with developmental disabilities will have knowledge of and access to all parts of the service system. 7. People with developmental disabilities will direct their own services with any and all the supports they need. 8. There will be better interagency communication and referrals to better serve people with developmental disabilities. 9. Individuals will have an opportunity to have real jobs and to fulfill their hopes and dreams to the best of their ability. 10. All individuals will have access to adequate dental, medical and prescription drug health care. 11. People with mental illness and dual diagnosis will have sufficient, flexible services. 12. All individuals will have access to flexible, affordable transportation.

Typical Activities:
Quarterly meetings

The SACK Newsletter "Give Me Wings" is published four times a year and sent to all SACK members

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