Relationship are important

Learn about relationships and why they’re so important.

Relationships are personal. Everyone has different kinds of relationships. Everyone has a different number of people in their life too.

There are a lot of different types of relationships.

There are many kinds of relationships. One thing we know for sure – they are all very important!

You can talk to people you are close to if you feel down. It helps you feel better!

Having people close to you also means having new experiences.

Having people close to you is even good for your health! WOW!

Having people close to you is important!

But what if we don’t have that?!

Then we just make more friends!

But what makes people friends?

One thing is that they want to be friends. They have things in common.

There is give and take with friends. Friendships is a two way street.

Friends are close. They know things about each other. They trust each other with secrets.

People become friends when they see each other often.

We choose our friends. Our friends choose us.

We help our friends. Our friends help us.

Friendship is a two way street.

Some friends we see a lot. Some friends we see less often. Sometimes friendships end.

Can you think of a type of relationship that does not end?


You don’t usually choose family. You are born into a family.

Your family is usually determined by who gave birth to you. Family is biology. But not always!

Another type of relationship is an associate. We see associates for a reason. Two kinds of associates are co-workers and church members.

Sometimes we call associates acquaintances. We may see them a lot, but we are not friends.

Another kind of relationship is paid service. They are people you pay.

Paid service is also sometimes called “provider” because they provide something to you for a fee.

Can you think of some providers in your life?

Paid providers are not committed. They are around as long as they are paid.

Having close relationships is really important. It helps you stay healthy and happy.

There are many ways to make more friends.

Congratulations! You’ve just completed this lesson about relationships.

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